About Us

About Us

Arteaga Consulting Services is a collective of greatly experienced IT Professionals driven by our common purpose of creating value for our customers. We are an independent consulting and software development company with several years of operations in the North American market.

Our main development center is located in the heart of the “Mexican Silicon Valley”, Guadalajara, where most of the technology gravitates to. Other IT giants such as Oracle, Intel, HP, IBM and companies such as Bank of America and Continental have chosen Guadalajara as the location for their development centers due to the widely, readily available pool of engineering talent.

Currently, our work force is comprised of two senior partners, five expert consultants, several junior engineers, and outside consultants joining our staff on a project-by-project basis. All of our consultants are fluent in English, and most have held IT leadership positions in transnational companies.


We specialize on Enterprise (mainly manufacturing), mobile, web and cloud computing with a globalized perspective. Our services include, without being limited to, expert consulting, highly available infrastructure management, and innovative software engineering. We leverage our accumulated experience resolving complex issues while identifying opportunities to enhance value.


Our people

All members of our team are certified in HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and are bilingual English and Spanish speakers.


Luis Arteaga

Our CEO and Founder is an accomplished IT Executive with over sixteen years of international experience making significant contributions in fast paced teams at world-class enterprise environments, with proven success leading multi-million dollar IT projects.

His core competencies are Manufacturing Execution Systems, Logistics Automation, Linux, Data Mining & Acquisition, Databases, Mass Storage, Corporate Strategy, Business Continuity, Data Centers and Software Quality Assurance. He has experience in Start-up, Carve-in and –out projects in Europe and North America.

Mr. Arteaga holds numerous certifications, including Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, ITIL, Oracle, Unix (HP/UX, Linux), and PMI PMP.
He is fluent in German.

José Luis Álvarez

Full stack developer with 8 years of experience, adaptable and quick learning, “If he doesn’t know the answer, he creates the answer” define him.

José Luis has multiple skills in many areas of computing, like: graphic design, 3D design, music and software development.

With extensive knowledge of different languages such as C#, Java, Javascript, SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, he is passionate about what he does, he likes challenges, and is always ready for anything that presents itself.

He also has experience with Bootstrap, Crystal Reports, CSS, HTML, JQuery, Jasper Reports, and Mathlab.

José Luis holds numerous certifications, including Scrum Master, Programming in C#, Optimizing SQL, Ethical Hacking, Powershell Security, Programming in Unity.

He likes to play videogames in his free time, as well as cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. He also enjoys outdoor activities such as full-contact sports (Boxing, American Football) or Airsoft.

Gilberto Chávez

A systems engineer graduated from the University of Guadalajara, with extensive experience in technologies related to public security and law enforcement, particularly with biometric systems such as AFIS and AVIS databases. He is enthusiastic about the generation of knowledge through information, and is always seeking to ensure the quality of the data. Regarding programming, Gilberto has been a fervent developer in object-oriented languages, particularly in JAVA, where he has received certifications from ORACLE in SL-275 and J2ME.

He has taught at the Monterrey University Center in the field of operating systems and computer architecture, in addition to programming languages. His conviction is that teamwork is the sum of skills and knowledge, and with it, any project can be carried out.

Gilberto is a very social person, he loves spending time with friends and family, and doing outdoor activities, especially enjoying mountain biking.

Víctor Grimaldo

A graduate of  Information Technology and Communication Engineering in the area of ​​information systems, in 2018  from the Universidad Tecnológica del Norte de Guanajuato. He has participated in development for Santander Technology, specifically in the elaboration of two projects in all its phases from definition to implementation in production, developed in an ERP called HP Service Manager.

Victor likes to play soccer in his free time and enjoys meeting new people.

Guadalupe Gutiérrez

A software developer receptive in the use of databases and systems developed in Java, she has work in the management of control systems and institutional databases. She has experience working with Jasper Reports and is a certified  Scrum Master. Guadalupe is a proud mother of two who enjoys reading in her spare time and likes to discover new places.

Francisco Herrera

Talented systems administrator offering 10+ years of experience managing server infrastructures and cloud operations. His expertise is in evaluating, monitoring and enhancing IT infrastructure with an emphasis on availability, reliability, scalability, security, data confidentiality and system integrity.He posseses superior troubleshooting and technical support abilities regarding migrations, network connectivity, security and database applications.Francisco is a people-person, he is excellent at developing exceptional relationships with co-workers, management and end users.

Olimpia Jasso

Talented software developer with over 10 years of experience on IT projects. Olimpia has fulfilled roles as an Analyst and Programmer, working from requirements gathering to UI development.

Olimpia is a knowledgeable IT specialist with abundant experience but also always willing to learn new things.

She is an expert in template development, Nextgen documents, Crystal Report and SSRS Reports. She has experience with HTML, PHP, SQL, and Linux. She is certified as Scrum Master. She is a born leader, meticulous and organized, methodic, and proactive.

Her main personal interests are free style swimming, spending time with her family, and any outdoor activities such as runing and biking.

Remberto Machuca

Obtained his major degree in Biomedical Engineering and graduated as a Master in Science in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, in which he worked with neural networks applied to consensus problems in robot networks with time delays. He has worked in the health industry of Mexico, managing projects and leading investigation teams composed of medical professionals, industrial designers, and hardware and software development teams. Currently he’s working to obtain an international master’s degree in Operations and Quality Management.

Remberto is an individual with a transcendent leadership style, adaptive, organizational, proactive, guided by logic, and with good personal skills.

He has experience with C, C++, Python, SQL and various simulation and CAD softwares. He has been certified as a CBET, as PMI PMP, and as a SCRUM Master. Other topics of interest are biomedical technology, robotics, and nano materials applied to health science; areas in which he has indexed publications.

Some of his personal interests include electronics design, dogs, craft beer, and free style swimming. He’s also an internationally credentialed biomedical technician volunteer for Operation Smile Mexico, and he’s a founding associate of the College of Biomedical Engineers of the state of Jalisco.

Carlos Meléndez

Full stack developer, with more than 8 years of experience utilizing multiple technologies, both web and mobile, such as Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Node.js, Swift, Objective-C. He is always looking to increase his abilities and enjoys new challenges. He is a fast-learner and is always looking to understand the “why of things.” Carlos is passionate about mobile development and what it means to have all the world’s information in the palm of your hand.

He is an analytic person, who always looks for the best solution for each new challenge, aiming for the use of good practices, application performance and scalability. He has management experience leading  various work teams in multiple platforms. Certified as a Scrum Master.

Carlos loves to spend time with his family and friends, always passionate about learning and the emerging technologies in the world.

Fernando Olvera

With more than 20 years of experience in IT and a complementary degree in Electronic & Communications, Fernando can face almost any technological challenge without any issue. A self-learning enthusiast, he can learn from basics to an expert level of any new technology that is introduce to the market. Initiative man is what defines him and almost nothing can stop him from achieving his goals, he is a  very practical person. Fernando has experience with HTML, PHP, SQL  and Template development. Additionally he is certified in CMMI DEV 1.3 and Scrum Master. A loving father of four, he loves to ride his bicycle almost everywhere with his wife. He enjoys thriller movies, playing board games with his family and if there is enough time, videogames are part of the family dynamics, too.

Francisco Pérez

One of the most respected web front-end experts in the area, Francisco joined the team to round up our expertise and complete our coverage from the back-end to the modern front-end interfaces.
Also a Linux enthusiast and guru, Francisco is a very driven professional and the perfect example of the “internet engineer.” He has a knack of incorporating the newest technology in the most efficient way into our client’s projects.

Francisco is an avid sci-fi fan and a professional LEGO builder (especially with his son and nephews). He’s a self-proclaimed geek, an accidental programmer, and a Scout inside and out.

Alejandra Ramos

Experienced in web development (back, middle and front end), development and management of Electronic Health Records systems, she also has abundant experience in Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), and other similar Quality healthcare measures. She holds a BA in Computer Science from the Autonomous University of Nayarit. Since graduating, her work has been always related with ITs; first, working for the Instituto de Estudios Técnicos y Superiores Matatipac (2015) as community manager, and to date at Arteaga Consulting Services (2015-2018, 2020) as developer.

She has experience working with Bootstrap, HTML, PostgreSQL, SqlServer, and Template Development. Alejandra has numerous certifications, including Software Development Fundamentals, Six Sigma and Scrum Master.

She is a passionate advocate for animals, especially dogs. She also spends most of her free time playing video games and watching TV series.

Frida Torres

A graduate of  Information Technology and Communication Engineering in the area of ​​information systems, she has  participated in the development of a control system at the Technological University of Nayarit, specifically front-end framework. She has experience in projects using  AngularJS, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML and JavaScript applications.

As well as being passionate about web development, she also likes to learn, experiment and discover, convinced that these are excellent ways to constantly grow and learn new things. She is fluent in French.

Juan Pablo Vilchis

He is a seasoned professional with over 18 years of progressive experience through consulting and industry he has successfully led the development of multi-year improvement technical strategies and roadmaps covering transformation of processes and systems for large global organizations, both in software development and analytics. He’s fluent with C#, Java, PHP and has working experience with Javascript and Python. He’s also experienced with data viz tools like Tableau, Power BI, OAC, D3.js and with ETL tools like Databricks and Oozie. He is a  father of three kids and a hobbyist musician.

Gabriela Zayas

Gaby is a developer with 8 years of experience developing systems and handling databases, paired with her ability to resolve problems and keep self-motivated throughout the day. She has experience with web development and multiple  programming languages such as C#, Ruby on Rails, Visual Basic, and has handled databases with SQL Server and PostgreSQL. She also has ample experience with the Nextgen Platform. She has taken different trainings and courses including GitHub, Ruby on Rails, and Scrum.

A hard-working wife and mother of two, Gaby is also a pet-lover and has rescued four dogs and four cats from the street. She received her BA in Administrative Information Systems in May 2012. She loves to exercise in her free time, particularly yoga and pole fitness.  She is passionate about helping those around her.

Extended team members

Titos Dragonas

Experienced in software engineering, IT leadership and operations management, Titos provides the organization with a holistic view and the fundamental insights to find optimal IT solutions to our customer’s complex business problems.With over 20 years of experience under his belt, he has architected scalable software solutions and infrastructure, systems and application software. During his career, he has worked with teams from almost every continent. Currently, he is working mainly on mobile/enterprise systems integration.

Titos Dragonas holds numerous certifications, including Developing Data Products, Practical Machine Learning, Regression Models, Reproducible Research, Statistical Inference, Exploratory Data Analysis, Getting and Cleaning Data, R Programming, The Data Scientist’s Toolbox, Machine Learning. He is fluent in Greek.

Jack Sunderman

As an Information Technology Executive, Jack has 30 years of diversified expertise in IT technology, cloud migration, IaaS, SaaS, enterprise software development (EPM/EHR, ERP and EDI), infrastructure and telecommunications.

He has a proven record of building, managing and promoting international teams. His experience includes multiple successful enterprise-wide solutions, infrastructure roll-outs, and helpdesk systems.

Contact Us

Moctezuma 3515, Plaza Astral, Local 8, Zona E, Col. Ciudad del Sol, Zapopan, Jalisco, México, 45050.

email: contacto@arteaga.mx