About Us

About Us

Arteaga Consulting Services is a collective of greatly experienced IT Professionals driven by our common purpose of creating value for our customers. We are an independent consulting and software development company with several years of operations in the North American market.

Our main development center is located in the heart of the “Mexican Silicon Valley”, Guadalajara, where most of the technology gravitates to. Other IT giants such as Oracle, Intel, HP, IBM and companies such as Bank of America and Continental have chosen Guadalajara as the location for their development centers due to the widely, readily available pool of engineering talent.

Currently, our work force is comprised of two senior partners, five expert consultants, several junior engineers, and outside consultants joining our staff on a project-by-project basis. All of our consultants are fluent in English, and most have held IT leadership positions in transnational companies.


We specialize on Enterprise (mainly manufacturing), mobile, web and cloud computing with a globalized perspective. Our services include, without being limited to, expert consulting, highly available infrastructure management, and innovative software engineering. We leverage our accumulated experience resolving complex issues while identifying opportunities to enhance value.